To rescue from oblivion

Lyrics : Konstanty Ildefons Gałczyński
Music : Marek Grechuta
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How many roads traveled together
How many trails retramped
How many rains, how many snows
In suspension, by gas lamps
How many leaflings, how many partings
In myriad cities hours stark
And rediscover verve to rise
And trudge anew and reach the mark
How many, in unyielding straits,
Shared anxieties, shared goals
How many breads divided
Kisses? Stairways? Tomes?
Your eyes lovely candles
And the heart their rays’ origin
So that heart I’d like to give
A rescue from oblivion
Round your shoulders hangs a cloak
Loudly, of the wood’s birdlings
Unfurled the length of corridors
Through the courtyard, to the star Venus
And you the flight and heights of clouds
Flare of water and rock leaden
I’d like to give your eyes’ gloom
A rescue from oblivion

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