Stairway to Heaven

Stairway to Heaven tour on Veliki Alan Pass (1340 m ASL) in Velebit Mountains is the most demanding trip due to the distance (ca 45 km oneway, 21 km from Stinica sea level)  and the huge continous ascend – 1340 m (counting from the sea level in Stinica).  The ascend steep is moderate ca 6 %.  The traffic on the road is minimal (except the section form Marinella to the coastal road D8 – Jadranska Magistrala). The tour is suitable for mountain bikes and road bikes. In a hot day Stairway to Heaven would be extremally difficult. From Stinica up to the mountain shelter on Veliky Alan Pass, there is no chance to get the water.  The road surface (100% asphalt) is excelent.  There is one difficult navigation point when you reach coastal road D8 (Jadranska Magistrala). You have to turn left (direction Senij) and after few meters you have to turn right (direction Štirovača).  When you reach the pass you can feel independent of your score the Queen or the King of Velebit Mountains. You may ask the men in the mountain shelter for a cold bottle of beer named Kralj Velebit ;-). If you would like to compare your score with other bikers visit the segment Stinica-Alan on . The best time is 1:32:16 for women and 1:08:45 for men (June 2016).


Stairway to heaven part 1 : Marinella – Stinica



Stairway to heaven part 2 : crossroad D8 (Jadranska Magistrala)



Stairway to heaven part 3 : Stinica – Veliky Alan (1340 m ASL)








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